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Ernst Kick: “Spielwarenmesse wants to become the fun fair for kids from 0 to 9”

Ernst Kick, President of Spielwarenmesse

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The Nuremberg Toy Fair, Spielwarenmesse, aims to become the “fun fair” for products and services aimed at children from 0 to 9, as Ernst Kick, President, explains. Although the event’s goal "is not to compete with Kind + Jugend ", Kirck adds that the new babycare products area is a long-term project expected to take advantage of synergies between companies in these industries and expand the scope of the fair.

Kick explained these goals during a breakfast with members of the international association of toy trade magazines, ITMA, which includes Juguetes B2B as one of its members. This meeting was held during Spielwarenmesse, an event with which Kirck was very satisfied, noting that with 170,000 square meters it had become "the largest show in its history." He also noted that among the 2,700 exhibitors, 71% were international companies, a growing trend that will take the percentage to 75% "in the next three or four years."

Kick said that 92% of exhibitors repeat, a fact that demonstrates the satisfaction of these companies with the show, "but it's also a bad thing because we can not accommodate as many new companies as we would like." In fact, the waiting list includes 150 names. However, the large number of exhibitors allows "to always find something new," one of the main advantages of the fair, according to its President.

As for the number of visitors, Kick also said he was more than happy: "I dare not make predictions, but data from the first two days of the show are better than last year." He also valued positively the atmosphere of the fair: "Market expectations are better," he said, stressing that the toy industry professionals are optimistic for 2014.

Referring to the new Trend Gallery, Kick said that one of the goals of this exhibition was "to show retailers that they need to showcase the products in a different way. Not stacking them, but giving them light and space."

International growth
Spielwarenmesse has its World of Toys programme, including the organization of toy fairs in other countries. Kick explained that the first edition of Kids Infia (Mumbai, 24-26 October) improved forecasts, with 125 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors.

As for Toyzeria, Spielwarenmesse wants to build this fair as a bridge for Western toy makers entering the Middle East. The 2014 edition will be held between October 30 and November 2, and is expected to house 130 exhibitors and 8,500 visitors.

Toys & Kids Russia (Moscow, 12-14 March) is recording results qualified as "excellent". 350 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors are expected for the next show. The main goal is to increase the presence of the licensing industry.

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