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"I was conscious of the need for a solution for parents and their little ones"

Interview with Daniel Lucas, CEO of We Made Me Ltd.

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How and why did you start We Made Me Ltd.? What is the main purpose of your company?

My personal interest in babywearing was ignited when I saw babies crying in their pushchairs. I often found myself thinking that the parent or carer should stop pushing and pick them up as I felt instinctively that would stop them crying. Crying is a way for an infant to communicate; their way of signalling something is needed. I am sensitive to the world in which I live and it was a natural instinct for me to become aware of wearing a baby. I understand parents can’t stop all the time, but I could see that babywearing would be a truly remarkable practice for parents and their little ones.
I was conscious of the need for a solution for parents and their little ones, an alternative to the pushchair, so when I saw someone babywearing for the first time, it truly excited me. I was inspired to investigate what carriers were available for parents and became determined, somewhat overnight, to develop a product so babywearing would become more accessible to all families. Babywearing has been done for generations, especially by the tribal people in Yunnan, for example.

What was the main inspiration for the re-branding strategy?

The inspiration behind the newly rebranded We Made Me Ltd. was all about authenticity and to truly embrace the roots of the cultures that we had potentially lost track of. We wanted to make positive steps to ensure as a business we are doing everything we can to help reconnect consumers with the fundamental understanding of what being a parent is all about. We have previously spent ten years focussing on babywearing and although this is still at the heart of the business and the core of our brand, We Made Me Ltd. is now a much bigger entity than just a babywearing brand.

What are the strengths of your products?

We have a clear objective for the brand to always question and we are proud to be a brand that is pushing the category. Our new offering provides a complete collection of progressive babywearing solutions which has ensured we support carrying for a baby’s first three years, starting at day one with our new Wuti Wrap™. This revolutionary wrap has been created with a combination of fabrics to produce a truly unique product, creating a hybrid two-way stretchy baby wrap.
Also the newly unveiled 3-in-1 soft-structured Pao Papoose™ with its ergonomic world-facing position and the patent pending contour adjustment system is like no other carrier on the market. Finally the imminent launch (January 2016) of the Soohu Sling™ a 5-in-1 hammock style baby sling is of huge excitement. What we have done with our range is to develop stylish, functional products that really will support every parent who chooses to babywear.

What is your business development plan for the Chinese market?
Our research tells us that the Chinese market is really divided into three to four regions and that we will look to appoint a dedicated distributor who understands his region to cover each area. We understand the potential opportunity in the Chinese market, but we have taken this as a medium to long term objective as the Chinese market is gargantuan and we want to get it right.
 We look forward to exhibiting on the UK pavilion at the CBME in Shanghai (booth number E7B28, 29, 30).

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