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"New technologies and revival toys will influence the market in 2015"

Interview to José de la Gándara, CEO of Famosa

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  Famosa inaugurated in 2013 a new factory in Alicante from where the toy company manufactures toys from the brand Feber, which accounts for the 25% of the company’s total production. Famosa also develops products of this brand in Monterrey (Mexico), while the rest of its toys are manufactured in China. Nevertheless, all the details of every product are designed by the company’s innovation team in Spain, and all the production process is controlled at all times by their quality technicians and engineers. José de la Gándara, CEO of the company, notes that "the delay of purchases by consumers creates more uncertainty to the distribution and, naturally, to the manufacturers".

- How will the toy industry evolve in 2014?

I think that the toy industry has not yet begun to recover clearly. In fact we’ve hardly has any growth. We'll have to wait until Christmas to make an overall assessment. However, I think that the market will experience a slight growth.

- What factors have been decisive in these results?

The seasonality is a crucial factor in the toy industry, the concentration of purchases in the Christmas period. In fact, in this period, sales account for more than half of the turnover of the whole year. In addition, there is more delay in the purchases of consumers, which generates a greater uncertainty among the distribution and the manufacturers.

- Which are your feelings regarding the Christmas season? What strategies have been undertaken to boost sales during this period?
At Christmas, toys are considered a product of "first necessity" for children between 2 and 7 years, so it is quite resistant to the crisis, although not immune. Therefore, our strategy is to adapt ourselves to the new times. We have launched a strong commercial campaign.

- How does your company adapt to the changes in the distribution and consumption?
Our logistic and distribution systems are in constant evolution. We have sought strategic partners and we are present in various distribution channels. In addition, this year we have launched our online store, famostoystore.com.

- Which percentage represents the licensed toy on the Christmas season?
Regarding the impact that will have the licensed toy on Christmas campaign, we believe that will be similar to last Christmas and will be around 30% by weight. For girls the more popular licences are Peppa Pig, Violetta and Frozen. For boys, the Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Minions, Spiderman, Transformers and sports clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

- What will be the evolution of the toy industry in the next year?
I believe there will be a reactivation of the consumption, so we are optimistic.

- What are the key trends that will influence the toy industry in 2015?
Famosa will prioritize everything related to the new technologies and at the same time we will be aware of the incursion to the market of the revivals toys.

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