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"Social networking is an excellent vehicle to place customers at the center of the value chain"

Interview toh Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, author of "Where do I start 2.0"

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Where do I start 2.0 is a book where companies will find the key to positioning in social networks and take out professional performance. The author, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo said in an interview published in the Puericultura Market Magazine how professionals can adapt to new forms of communication and take advantage of its benefits.

- What positive aspects can bring social networking to the marketing strategy of a company and/or point of sale?
Social networks help us to work each part of the sales funnel, consisted of three main premises: to attract visitors interested in the subject treatment, interacting with them through comments (among other systems), and at the time they need a product or service as I offer, they think about my company and consider a preferred option. In addition, social networking is an excellent vehicle to place our customers at the center of the value chain to 'listen' suggestions and comments.

- Is it necessary to have a great knowledge about social networks to create a marketing strategy?
What is necessary is to have a great knowledge of marketing and communication, and a good idea of ​​how networks work, which are not complicated work. The hardest thing is to establish a good strategy, tactics and operational part is mechanical.

- What are the advantages of advertising through social networks?
The main advantage of advertising through networks is the segmentation. Social networks have a lot of information about our tastes and our activities and share, for this reason, allow you to display our advertising to people who are interested in the subject. For example, it would not make sense to advertise toys in a club.

- How can brands use social media to keep abreast of what is happening in their sector? And to get contacts for their business?
To keep up, the important thing is to follow two or three people who are leading in the analysis and monitoring the sector. In addition, having a good alarm system in Google and some activity in the social network that are potential customers of the company. For example, if my business is B2B (Business to Business, that is, to sell to corporations) I need to undertake greater activity in Linkedin, since it is where the people work for these corporations. If it's a consumer sector, is better to carry out an activity on social networks like Facebook, whereas if I have a young target audience, I must use rather snapchat or networks like Instagram.

The full interview can be read in the latest issue No. 133 of the Puericultura Market Magazine from January/February.

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