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"Tablets will be the star toys this Christmas"

Giovanni Clementoni, General Director, Clementoni


Both the toy market and the society have changed considerably in the last 50 years. Clementoni, a company celebrating this year its 50th anniversary, has adapted to this changes, investing in the development of new products and technologies. The company is present in several countries of Europe, as well as in Hong Kong.

The multinational Clementoni began operating in 1963 when Mario Clementoni manufactured its first game in the garage of his home. How has the company changed in this time?
In 1963 my father had the great insight to bring to Italy a hitherto unknown type of game, the board game for the whole family. In a market characterized by basic and traditional products, he introduced the idea that games could become a bonding moment, giving the play activity that dignity which until then had not been recognized. The second major stage of our history was the year 1967, when thanks to the genius of Mario Clementoni, the Sapientino trademark was born. It was the beginning of a great business venture that is still active today with the same goal as then: to educate children through play.

Clementoni is committed to educational games. What developments are important in this category? How has the firm introduced new technologies?
Our company has always adapted to new technologies very quickly. The latest example is the launch of our educational Android tablet for the upcoming holiday season of 2013. We will have two models: My first Clempad, a basic item for a target of 3-6 years, and a more advanced Clempad Plus, for a target older than 6 years.

Tablets are a growing trend. How does Clementoni works with these products?

Tablets represent a technological application that is developing more and more, even in the toy market. Our R&D section has always been vigilant of technological developments, and last year we already developed a range of products dedicated to preschool and school kids.

In Clempad, the advanced technology merges with educational content created especially for this type of games. The Clempad has a custom interface that divides the Adult and Child areas, allowing parents to tailor a completely safe game environment. We have worked hard to create a true tablet for children, providing them a rich technological tool, as well as totally secure educational content, because it is previously configured by parents.

What products will have more demand for the next Christmas?

It seems that tablets will be the star toys this Christmas, but we also want to highlight the importance of educational games and preschool toys, because they remain essential to achieving our goals.

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