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"The main error is to publish the website and to stay at home waiting for orders to arrive"


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Marc Juli, General Director of the design and web development studio Elevenwebs, participated in the fourth annual business day of Escodi, dedicated to the changes and new trends in trade, and spoke about the aspects we have to take into account when developing a web. According to Juli, we should not just open an online store and wait, as we need to invest in promotion and spend time working on it.

Can any retailer have his or her own online store?
Of course.

How much time and staff do we need?
You should take care of it 24 hours a day, and in any case you should at least spend a couple of hours to start promotions, to analyze data, to answer queries, and so on.

Do we need a large budget needed?
No. A standard and personalized development with basic functionalities and design can be carried out by about €3000.

How often should we update an online store and why?

The design of a web (or an e- commerce) is based on trends, and every three or four years they will vary in both design and structure and navigation.

It would be advisable to be aware of these trends, and taking budget into account, to update the site - at least the front end, what people see on screen.

At the end and beginning of each year there are many interesting articles on web trends published.

What are the most common mistakes when starting to sell online?

The main error is to publish the web and to stay at home waiting for orders to arrive.

How can a retailer leverage the new multi-channel consumer?

Precisely by maintaining a very good level of communication in all channels, and investing in promotion.

As for communication, how can we promote our online store?

You have to do both offline (newspaper ads, flyers...) and online (SEO, SEM, social media... ) actions, depending on your budget.

To what extent can social networks help ?

It depends on each case, but in general you have to use them. All the traffic and conversion from some of our clients comes from Facebook.

What factors should be taken into account when carrying out a strategy in networks?

Above all, we need to be realistic and open only those accounts that we know we can update. Under no circumstances we should open channels that will remain unattended. We should also make a small strategic release calendar.

What other trends do you think could gain further strength in the near future in regard to e-commerce?

From our perspective, the most immediate challenge is to increase conversion from mobile devices.

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