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"The top 5 of the European toy markets rose over 4%"

Interview to César Ridruejo, head of Lego's division in Spain and Portugal


With double-digit growth, Lego has established itself as one of the fastest growing toy manufacturers in the domestic market in recent years. At the head of the division of Spain and Portugal is César Ridruejo, which explains that undoubtedly the success of The LEGO film has favoured the brand to be in the minds of consumers more than ever.

- How is toy industry evolving in 2014?
The toy market seems that is not yet taking off. After a promising start, the summer months were not as positive as expected and only August had shown growth. The Top 5 European toy markets (until August) grew by 3.8% with growth in all countries. UK stands at the top with a positive return of 6.2%.

- What about your company?
Lego Spain, after a good year 2013, closed 2014 with an increase of + 44% until September, reaching a market share of 7.6%. This has allowed us to reach the No. 4 position in the ranking of manufacturers. Our goal in Spain in the forthcoming Christmas season is to grow in double digits.

- How has your company adapted to the changes in the distribution and consumption habits?
Every year we see how the seasonality of the sector is higher in the Christmas campaign and how toy purchases are increasingly delayed. This is why Lego is looking for alternatives to have a more flexible production and be able to react to the needs of the final demand. It is important that we have in the stores what the consumers really demand.

- How do you think the industry will evolve in the coming year?

If the Christmas season evolves positively, definitely I think 2015 will be a good year where we will begin to recover the losses in recent years.

- Which will be the major trends we see in the toy market?
We see a greater connection between the physical and the virtual. Lego, for example, will launch new products, such as LEGO Agents, in which children could build vehicles and also download apps to play online with the heroes of the playsets.

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