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Auchan Retail Spain announces results after its transformation

The company opened 40 centres last year and innovated some of its facilities

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The Spanish division of the company Auchan Retail closed 2015 with an invoicing of 4.594 million euros and with an investment of 83 million in the construction of new centres, as well as the modernization and innovation of its facilities, according with ‘Informe de Actividad’ (Activity Report) and CSR of the same company. Last year, Auchan Retail opened 40 centres which created 330 employment places. Amongst those facilities the company highlights the creation of Alcampo City, a new kind of hypermarket which was performed for the first time in Alicante with a 4.000 square metre surface. On its behalg Simply kicked off 39 supermarkets, two of those are own and the other, franchised.

Totally, Auchan Retail España counts with 337 centres (56 hypermarkets and 281 supermarkets, 159 of them are franchised), 53 petrol stations and online shopping channel. Apart from the new openings, Auchan Retail continued 2015 with its development plan through introducing innovations in all its channels. Amongst other, Alcampo kicked off the 24 hour collecting point of online purchases in some cities such as Alicante or Alcorcón.

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