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Barbie travels to space for the first time

A doll has been sent to stratosphere from Spain in an almost 3 hour’s flight


On the occasion of the World’s Space Week organized by UN and coinciding with the premiere of the new movie ‘Barbie, Star Light Adventure’, the popular doll emblem of Mattel was launched to a real trip to space. This way, Barbie has travelled for the first time to stratosphere reaching a 30 Km latitude in a 2 hours and 40 minutes flight. Counting with the collaboration of the company Zero 2 Infinity and in collaboration with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the launching took place between Lleida and Zaragoza last October 4. During the trip, the doll registered images of the Earth from more than 30 Km distance, the ones where edited to be shared with all her fans through the Barbie official channels in networks such as Facebook.

Barbie and Zero 2 Infinity collaborated with the UPC NanoSat Lab with the aim of helping in its last project; with the one the university transmitted live images in a 5 MB per second velocity. Images started reaching the sounding line through the UPC camera and transmitted live by the official channel of NanoSat Lab, being registered 21:51 minutes of the whole trajectory, a satisfying technology for this testing technology.

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