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Carrefour increases its trade figure

The French distribution group has invoiced 3% more than the last year

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Carrefour group invoiced 76.495 million euros in 2015, what supposes a 3% increasing compared to the previous exercise. Moreover, leaving apart the impact of the coin change, the distribution company sales have grown 4,1%. From the company, they stand out a strong and faster growing, specially, in Europe, with underlining the role of Spain and Italy. Further, they saw a huge improving in Latino America, considering the difficult situation of their economy.

In terms of the Spanish market, the French group talks about a “market recovery”, considering that last month it invested 205 million euros on acquiring 36 hypermarkets from the Eroski company. In France, domestic sales have reached 2,6% more, meanwhile in the rest of Europe this growing has been 2,8%. In Latinoamerica, the business has grown 2,9% and in Asia, 5,9%.

In regards to the winnings, Carrefour obtained 980 millions of net benefit in 2015, 21,5% less than the last course, decreasing which is related to the “negative impact of extraordinary aspects”, according to company sources. In terms of establishments, the group closed 205 with a network of 12.296 point of sales in all over the world, with 1.481 hypermarkets, 3.462 supermarkets and 7.181 convenience stores, apart from 172 cash & carry establishments.   

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