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Catch-up TV consumption grows in Spain

Movies and series, which prefer 77% of viewers

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47% of viewers in Spain consume TV on demand, in line with the trend in Europe, where half and choose this option, the report 'Video on demand', prepared by the consulting firm Nielsen. The study shows that 77% of Spaniards see movies on demand. This is the main consumer demand followed by series and television (39%); comedies, documentaries and short videos (32%) and sports (24%). The report also reveals the two main advantages that Spaniards see in the consumption of video on demand: whether to display the programs when they want or can (78%) and to see a complete series without waiting for the issue (65%).

Regarding the most common devices, the study states that lead the ranking computers (82%), followed by mobile phones (50%), tablets (40%) and smart TV or smart TVs (38%). In addition, a quarter acknowledges see audiovisual content a la carte daily. Moreover, the report notes that 65% of respondents is in favor of blocking advertisements. According to the company, 66% say they see advertisements for products or services that do not interest them and about 60% say they would like to see only ads for products that interest you.

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