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EU's trade grow

Retail sales increase 3%

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The dynamics of retail continues to improve in Europe. Retail sales have rebounded 2.4% in the euro area during 2015, while growth in the whole European Union has reached 3%.

On the other hand, retail sales grew by 1.4% in December in the euro area and 2% across the EU over the same month last year. In the comparison with November, turnover increased by 0.3% in the euro area and 0.1% in the Twenty-eight.

On-year, rising 1.4% in the volume of retail sales in the euro zone stems from the increase of 1.8% for non-food products and 0.8% for food, drink and snuff, while sales of automotive fuels have fallen by 0.8%.

In the EU, the 2% increase was due to increases of 2.3% in the sector of non-food products, 1.5% for food, beverages and snuff and 0.1% in fuels for cars .

The largest increases in the volume of retail trade were observed in Romania (14.3%), Ireland (6.1%), Estonia (5.8%) and Poland (5.5%). The largest decreases were recorded, however, in Portugal (1.3%), Belgium (1.2%) and Denmark (0.3%). In Spain, retail sales increased by 3.6% in 2015.

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