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Eurekakids posted sales of 41 million euros in 2015

The toy store strengthens its internationalization dynamics


Eurekakids toy store chain posted sales of 41 million euros in 2015, representing an increase of 12% over the previous year, while gross operating profit (EBITDA) surged 71%. In 2015, Eurekakids has continued the internationalization of teaching. The company has opened up 37 points of sale in different markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has also landed in new countries such as Croatia, Oman and San Marino. In 2015, it opened 17 stores in Spain, five in Italy, two in France, two in Belgium, four in Colombia, and four in Mexico. In Spain, the shows currently has 108 outlets.
In 2016, it ensures Eurekakids consolidate its presence in European markets in which it operates, as in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium. It will also increase its outlets in Latin America with new openings in countries where it already operates, such as Colombia, Panama and Mexico, and in new markets such as India and the United Arab Emirates. In total, the teaching plans to open 43 new outlets during the year. The network of stores Spanish teaches worldwide reaches 177 points of sale in 12 countries: Spain (108), Italy (27), France (14), Belgium (7), Andorra (1), Colombia ( 10), Mexico (5), Panama (1), Luxembourg (1), Croatia (1) San Marino (1) and Oman (1).

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