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Franchises increase in the Spanish retail

The 15% of the retail business in Spain are franchises

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Franchises are gaining space in the Spanish corporative panorama. Actually, 15% of the retail commerce in our country use the franchises system as a way of expansion, meanwhile 15 years ago, franchised retailers represented 3% of the total.

Currently, 7,5% of the appearance of new businesses has been motivated for the detection of a new trade opportunity, and not for the need of creating a new invoicing via. The Entrepreneurial Activity Tax was 5,7% in Spain in 2015, figure which is higher than the 5,5% registered in 2014 but lower that the entrepreneurial activity levels which we observed before the economic crisis, when the tax was 6,9% in case of 2008. Currently, there are 66.000 franchised establishments across Spain, with the biggest number of franchises concentration in the Autonomous Communities of Madrid, Catalunya, Comunidad Valenciana and Andalucía.  

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