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Giochi Preziosi, new master toy for Tom and Jerry

Warner Bros has appointed the Italian company as master toy in Western Europe and Turkey


Warner Bros Consumer Products (WBCP) has appointed the Italian manufacturer of toys Giochi Preziosi as the new master toy for Tom and Jerry in Western Europe and Turkey. The company has signed a 3-years deal with the Italian toy manufacturer and distributor Giochi Preziosi that will see them produce and distribute toys with the cat and the mouse characters in the categories of figure assortments, playsets and action games. It is expected that the articles will reach the European market during the fourth quarter of 2012 and throughout 2013.
Glynn Davies, category director of Toys and Games, WBCP EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), points that Giochi Preziosi believes that is a partner with an established track aware of the potential of the license: "We hope that the agreement with Giochi Preziosi "it is a truly outstanding partner that recognizes the vast potential of the Tom and Jerry brand": "We look forward to working with Giochi Preziosi as we develop Tom and Jerry's position as a leading unisex pre-school brand". WBCP expect to continue expanding the Tom and Jerry pre-school toy line into other markets: Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Nordic countries, regions where the property has a high demand.
Graziano Delmaestro, licensing director of Giochi Preziosi, notes that Tom and Jerry is a property known and "loved by different generations."
Tom and Jerry was born in 1940 as a series writted and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. With over a 70 years history, the series continues to be televised in Europe by Cartoon Network and Boomerang in Europe. Regionally, it is aired by local channels like Boing and the TVE (Spain), Italy 1 (Italy), France 3 (France), Kabel 1 (Germany), Cartoonito (United Kingdom), STAR (Greece), Puls (Poland) and Ren TV (Russia).

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