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Imaginarium enters Qatar market and expands in UAE

In 2014 the company opened 22 new stores, 20 of which in international markets


Imaginarium has opened its first store in Qatar and two more stores in the city of Dubai, in the UAE, as part of its 2014/2015 international expansion plans. In total, during 2014, the company opened 22 new stores, 20 of them in international markets.

With these new openings, the toy company operates in 28 countries. Imaginarium has more than 400 stores around 1,500 points of sales worldwide.

The Qatar's shop is located in the city of Doha, in "The Mall", which is considered one of the country's main shopping centers. The new store has an area of 74m² for retail and a warehouse of 15m². In total, more than 89m² available to customers.

In the Arab Emirates, one of the stores is located in the Arabian Center Mall in Dubai and the other one at the Al Nahda district, which is bordering Sharjah, one of the three most dynamic cities in UAE. The new surface is placed in the Sahara Center Mall which was completely rebuild in 2013.

To entry new Persian Gulf markets, Imaginarium translated its logo into Arabic. In addition, the company adapted some products to the Arab culture, such as the doctor's bag toy. In these countries, the medical distinctive logo isn't a red cross, as it was originally printed in the bag toy, but a snake.

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