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Increases the number of births in Spain

In 2014, 426.303 children were born in Spain, 588 more than last year

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According to provisional data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), Spain last year 2014 increased its number of births, born a total of 426.303 children, 588 more than the previous year, representing an increase of 0.1%.

In addition, surveys carried out by the entity for the report show that, since 2008, when 519.779 children were born (maximum in 30 years), the number of births has fallen by 18%, and 2014, with 426.303 children a year in which it occurred the first increase since the last five years. However, the birth rate , with 9.1 births per thousand habitants, remains the same as that recorded in 2013, breaking the downward trend started in 2008.

Moreover, the surveys also reveal that the number of women in childbearing age (between 15 and 49 years) continues to fall since 2009. As the report explains, this is due to reach mothers that age range come from less numerous generations, by the lower contribution of foreign immigration and the number of emigration to other countries. However, the increasing number of children per woman (who went from 1.27 in 2013 1.32 2014) has enabled this growth in the number of births.

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