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Injusa launches its online shop in Spain and soon in Europe

The platform has an Outlet section with discounts of up to 20%


Injusa takes a step forward in its digital development strategy with the creation of their online shop in Spain and Europe. The objective is provide the Injusa new collection to the customers because so far they have had access to 50% of products which are selected by distributors for their collections. In this sense, Luis Berbegal, CEO of Injusa, explains that "the final customer will select products from a wide range of options, designs, and colors that makes up all the sample of Injusa".

"It was necessary to adapt to the new channels of distribution for sale and open new potential markets, in this case, we have opted for the online channel because it enables us to have a direct contact with the final customer", says Luis Berbegal.

Currently the platform contains more than 150 products which will expand progressively with the launch of the new catalogue of 2015. Novelties include the new bike Injusa Elite, made in Spain 100%, with a system patented for being unique in the sector of children's bicycles. In addition, you will find in the shop online an Outlet section with discounts of up to 20%.

Likewise, the Marketing Department of Injusa highlights as a fundamental value of the website the usability: "It is designed for easy and intuitive browsing so users know where they are at the all time. In three easy steps customers can know the characteristics of a product, buy it and track the order at any time".

The online marketing strategy of Injusa started at the end of 2013 with the creation of its first social networking profiles and culminates with the creation of its online store, whose distribution is currently carried out in Spain, including Canary and Balearic Islands, although the objective is to upgrade the shipping to 22 European countries, including Italy, Germany, France and United Kingdom.

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