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Only 58% of the shops offer mobile applications with purchase possibility

The number of consumers who made mobile purchases grows 40%

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In spite of the huge growing of the mobile commerce in the last year, not all the retailers are satisfying their customers needs in terms of shopping through mobile devices, according to Accenture Adaptive Retail. The number of consumers who made purchases from mobile devices grew till 40% in the last year, compared to the 36% of 2014. Further, the number of buyers who demand more services also grew till 47%, compared to the 40% of the last year.

According to the surveys from the consultant company, meanwhile 32% would like to scan products in the stores using their mobile phone (compared to the 27% in 2014), only 17% of the businesses offer that possibility. In that sense, 42% of the buyers would like to receive coupons and automatic discounts thought their mobile devices (compared to the 35% of the last year), but only 16% of the distributors offer those coupons in a automatic way.  

“Retailers should have an effort in order to improve their mobile interaction benefits and answer the consumers expectation”, assures Miriam Molino, Accenture Managing Director.

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