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Paw Patrol, Star Wars and Yo-Kai Watch, leaders of the toy sector in Spain

Those are the properties which lead the ranking of the year’s best-seller toys


With a 8,7% increasing in sales till November, the toy sector is already deep into its most important and decisive year’s epoch. Throughout 2016, the Spanish toy market has stand out especially for the success of those articles related with the entertainment. In that sense, according to The NPD Group, Paw Patrol, Star Wars and Yo-Kai Watch lead the ranking of the year’s best-seller toys. This way, the director of NPD in Spain, Fernando Pérez, told that “some movies and TV series have got a huge importance in the development and success of a lot of toys that reproduce the kid’s favourite heroes and characters that in most of cases fly from shelves”.

Apart from the mentioned licenses, we have to add to the successful properties list names such as Soy Luna, Blaze, Ladybug, Trolls, SuperWings, Spiderman, Frozen or Avengers. This group of products got, till November, a weight of 25% in the Spanish market, so that’s why one out of four invoiced euros in the sector comes from the sale of a licensed product related with an audio-visual entertainment property. Actually, according NPD, Spanish kids identify products inspired in movies or series with precision in 23% of times, compared to the 14% registered in case of those toys which are not related with movies or series.

The Christmas campaign supposes more than the half of annual sales for the toy sector; however, to the current campaign we have to add a date with a lot of importance for retail figures, the Black Friday, already consolidated in Spain. During the week from 21 to 27 November, toy sales boosted 27% compared to the same period of the previous year, which supposes a 12,7 million euros increasing.

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