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Spain, among the leaders of European e-commerce

It is the fourth country with more online sales of the whole continent

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With 18,2 million euros invoicing, Spain represents the 40% of the whole volume of the electronic commerce sales of the South European Region, situating itself as the leader in online sales in that zone. In the whole European Union, our country is situated in the fourth position in the ranking of online sales, with 4% of the total, according to E-commerce Europe. Leading this list, we find United Kingdom, Germany and France, which together accumulate the 62% of the electronic sales of the continent.

Regarding Spain, the online user has used marketplaces as a shopping method in the 60% of its sales, according to a study made by Lengow. From the study we can deduce, further, that its profile belongs to people between the ages of 25 and 49 who live in big or medium sized cities. In that sense, the most demanded products by Spanish in the network are fashion (34%), electrical appliances for home (30%), books (19%), sport material (16%) and cosmetics or beauty products (16%). Regarding to payment methods, as opposed to other country, the most used ways to pay in Spain are credit and debit cards. This way, Visa is used in the 63% of payments and Mastercard in a 38% of the cases. In the third and fourth position, we find PayPal (6%) and American Express (3%). However, it is forecasted that 2017 to bring an important change in regard to the payments through mobile phones.  

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