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Spanish consumers online: Young very thrifty, also in time

They claim that the navigation process is simplified and more immediacy and flexibility in delivery

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Young Spaniards save money, time and effort. Thus a study by DPDgroup in collaboration with InProcess on the online shopping experience of young people aged between 18 and 25 years in several European countries. The report shows that young Spaniards, plus a good price, look for simplifying the process of navigation, better filters and options.

DPDgroup has detected that there is also a demand to react to the various delivery status notifications, ie, greater flexibility in delivery. Spanish Internet users demand accurate information about the delivery time of your purchase.

These characteristics of young consumers online Spain contrasted with Internet users from other countries. In France there is a resignation regarding the duration of delivery times and avoid returns due to the effort required. In the UK, companies observed some frustration as objects disappear from the basket of consumers, and that there is a high rate of return. In Germany, finally, there is a particular frustration regarding orders that never arrive and the effort required to track these packages (a promise of comfort that often do not meet expectations).

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