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The Child Product Safety Guide expects to prevent injuries

The European Child Safety Alliance is leading the project


According to the European Union Injury Data Base, each year approximately 19,000 children under 14 years of age in the 28 countries of the EU will have injuries involving bunk beds, 51,000 will have injuries involving trampolines and a further 52,000 will have toy related injuries that are serious enough to require a visit to the emergency department

To prevent and avoid these accidents, the European Child Safety Alliance is publishing its Child Product Safety Guide in cooperation with other pediatrics national associations. This guide will provide information on products that parents and caregivers routinely use but may cause risk of injury, either because the design is not correct, because they have lost or broken some piece, because they are not suitable for the child's age or because they are being used without adult supervision .

These product categories include commonly used items for children and babies such as beds, baths, safety barriers, car seats, high chairs, pacifiers, toys and strollers, as well as other products that can be found in homes and require special attention, such as lighters and plastic bags, among others.

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