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The importance of the customer service

Consumers value the personalization of the services they receive

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The customer service has influence on the purchase decision according to the 89% of the population, as well,  80% consider that a good experience with the customer service promotes the fidelity to a brand or a company, according to the I Customer Observatorium. The report, created by Elogia of Sotto Tempo Advertising, stands out also that 92% of the population thinks that the customer service has influence on the global image of a company. Moreover, an inadequate customer service is the fourth reason why leaving a company, after the economical savings, the promotions or than the products or services are not as good as expected.

Regarding to those topics the consumers would like to improve, the study stands out the velocity and easiness to contact with a company (68%), followed by the personalization of the received services (52%). Surveyed consumers do not like the long time they have to wait when they want to get in touch with a customer service through the telephone (53%), the repetitive messages (34%) and a script-categorized assessor (33%). In that sense, the initiatives which are considered more useful in order to improve that kind of services are the personalized advices (89%), to be able to count with special services depending on the fidelity (87%) or be able to chose the assessor which more fits the customer consult or question (84%).

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