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The Licensing Forum has already booked the 90% of its exhibition area

Edebé Audiovisual Licensing and Fulanitos have been the latest companies to confirm

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The Licensing Forum has 16 confirmed exhibitors for the event, to be held on June 20 at the World Trade Center in Barcelona. The forum will be held in the same area as last year, when it brought together 18 companies with its own booth, as well as 220 visitors.

The latest companies to confirm attendance are Fulanitos, licensor of the characters under the same name, and Edebé Audiovisual Licensing, agency that manages programmes for brands such as Catalina Estrada and El Pez, as well as classic series as Dr. Slump. These two firms add to a list of other 14 licensors and agents who have already confirmed attendance. Four of these companies -Advance Licensing, Mattel Brands, Nottingham Forest and SelectaVision- are first time exhibitor for the event, that will reach its sixth show in June.

The organization has also closed the two conferences to be held during the day. License to Play explains how interactive entertainment can function as a vehicle to establish deeper relationships with the target of brands and visual properties. This conference will address topics such as online gaming and the participation of audiences in the television experience. The talk will count with Francisco Asensi, Director of Business Development at RTVE.es; Rafael San Miguel, CEO of Cupra Studios, and Diego Ibañez, general manager of Nottingham Forest.

Also, Domingo Carro, CEO of Advance Licensing, will introduce the Licensing Barometer, prepared by this consultancy firm. This quarterly report includes information about licensing properties targeting children in Spain, with information about knowledge, attraction, desire and trends of the most important licenses.

Attendance to the forum can be confirm through this form.

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