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Walmart numbers fall

Sales and profits of the distributing decrease in 2015

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The global giant distribution Walmart closed the year 2015 with a turnover of 478.614 million dollars (431.806 million euros), representing a fall of 0.7% compared to 482.229 million dollars (435.068 million of euros) admitted in the previous year. This decline has had the leading cause international business. In this sense, foreign sales have totaled 123.408 million dollars (111.339 million euros), 9.4% less than in 2014.

In the fourth quarter, Walmart sales are down 1.4% to 129.667 million dollars (116.925 million euros), while net profit has added 4,574,000 dollars (4,124,000 euros) , 8% less. However, the activity of Walmart in the United States grew by 3.6% to 298.378 million dollars (269.197 million euros). Also, the net profit of the company based in Bentonville (Arkansas) also recorded declines. Specifically, profits have fallen by 10.2%, from 16.363 million dollars (14.763 million euros) in 2014 to 14,694,000 dollars (13,257 million euros) in 2015.

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