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Youtube Kids reaches Spain next July 13

The Youtube version for kids is already working in the United States, Mexico or Brasil

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The most world’s used video platform, Youtube, makes debut in Spain this july as kids channel with its adapted version Youtube Kids, which is already being used in countries such as Mexico, Brasil, Argentina and the United States. This way, next July 12, Spanish kids will be able to start enjoying an online channel focused exclusively to them. This adaptation of the platform offers only content to the little ones and it will broadcast videos which can be also reproduced in Youtube’s original version, apart from contents with exclusive reproduction in Youtube Kids.

Parents who want to own this application, will be able to download it on July 13 in its version for Android or iOS. The app settings will be protected in order to make parents be the only ones who can enter that. This way, they will be able to deactivate the possibility of make searches in the application, and also to activate a timer clock to determine the maximum time that kids spend using the app.

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