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11 characteristics of a trustful online store

To sell online you need to make it easy for the customer and inspire the highest confidence possible

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It is not enough to open an online store and wait for revenue to come. The customer has to go through an easy and enjoyable shopping experience, and above all we must inspire confidence, which is not always easy in an electronic environment. These eleven factors can help to sell more and better.

1. The online store must be easy to use. If customers have to waste time trying to figure out how to register or how make a payment, we will lose them.

2. It must be convenient. One of the reasons why consumers buy online is the possibility to receive products at home, so the online store must count with a fast and effective shipping company. The delivery must also be quick: some companies are already experimenting with same day delivery. If we have a physical store, it is a good idea to offer the possibility to collect or return the product at the point of sale.

3. In fact, we should aim for a multichannel offer, so that the client has the advantages of both online and offline channels.

4. The store should be flexible, offering as many modes of payment as possible. At least credit cards and Paypal.

5. It should inspire confidence. In a traditional store this is easy because customers know where we are and we speak to them face to face. In an online store this confidence be generated confirming that:
- Payments are safe.
- Customers can exchange or return products without problems.
- They can easily contact us through a contact form, an email or a phone number to be found easily. And even, why not, they could be able to chat with a salesperson.

6. One way to differentiate ourselves and become even more trustful is providing content. For example, through a blog where we can discuss products and market trends, or posting demonstration videos of each item in the product sheets.

7. It is also essential to open the page to customer feedback on products, transparently and without fear. On the Internet, consumers trust other users' reviews.

8. We can offer a customized experience. If our software takes into account what do clients consult and purchase in addition to saved products as well as items purchased by similar clients, we can offer recommendations according to their preferences.

9. Premium offers can help to loyalize our clients. For example, a flat rate for shipping charges or discounts and special offers for newsletter subscribers and social networks followers.

10. The store should count with a good search engine, including categories, products and the most appropriate keywords for each item, so that the client can easily find what he is looking for.

11. The online store has to be adapted to smartphones and tablets. The experience in these two devices is different from a computer: the screens are smaller, typing is more difficult and the star products must be accessible easily and directly.

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