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2 out of 3 Europeans had a safety breach in their data

50% thinks their data worths more than 1,000 euros

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Symantec has released a report ( Symantec State of Privacy Report 2015) from a research conducted among 7,000 participants from the European countries, revealing that there is concern as to the safety breaches occurring online. According to the recent report, about 2 out of 3 of the people who were surveyed had experienced a safety breach in their lives and this is certainly something that is worth highlighting.

As far as the trustworthiness of websites, what the respondents focused on was the fact that medical institutions and banks were the safest sites to be found. On the contrary, retailers and social media platforms were red flags that involved a great deal of risk. Nevertheless, not many people decided to abstain from the latter, riskier sites.

In the survey, 1 out of 3 admitted that they make use of false information when it comes to their identity and private life. Such information is used when signing up for an email account or registering to social media. Young adults were the ones that appeared most likely to provide false information – instead, people over the age of 65 were more truthful and used their own data online.

The vast majority of the respondents believe their personal information is sold to third parties. Such a sale obviously derives from the need to make profit out of valuable pieces of information. When asked about the actual value of their sensitive data, over 50 per cent answered that the price is well over €1,000 and some even suggested that it reached or surpassed €10,000.

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