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4 global trends about Internet use in 2014

Google has launched the 4th edition of the Consumer Barometer

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Google has launched the Consumer Barometer 2014, a study for planners, marketers and enterprises looking to understand how people use the internet in 45 countries and 10 product categories around the world. This is the 4th edition of this Barometer, which is done after interviewing 15.0000 users and which allows comparing digital mobile, video and shopping habits across 46 countries.

The Barometer provides marketers with the latest consumer insights to support planning in the digital era. Everyone that uses the tool can customised data and download the information most suitable in any case. These can help users discover anything from: What role do online sources play in a person's journey from consideration to actual purchase? What devices do people use in their everyday lives, and how do they use them? Why, where and when do they watch online video?

The 4 main trends in each category are:

The Multiscreen World

-Across the world, Internet use is increasing. Over 50% of Internet users go online daily in the vast majority of countries.
-More devices are being used per person across the globe. On average, people use at least one device and many use two or more.
-Smartphone use is increasing everywhere, with very high usage in Singapore.
-Usage rates for social media are over 40% among Internet users everywhere. They are especially high in Turkey, where 92% of the online population uses social media.

The Smart Shopper, the role of the Internet in making purchase decisions.

- Over 1 in 3 respondents* made their last clothing or footwear purchase online. The rate of online purchase for this category is even higher in South Korea, where 75% of respondents bought online.
- Online research rates are over 50% almost everywhere, but they are highest in Asia.
- Smartphones are widely used to research purchases, particularly in Asia.
- Across many countries, respondents frequently researched online before purchasing a television.

The Smart Viewer, people's recent online video use across different devices.

-In Eastern Europe and South America Internet users like to watch online videos for product information most.
-30% of Brazilian and 25% of Argentinian Internet users watched their last video with their spouse - one of the highest rates in the world.
-Around the world, most respondents were fully focused on the last online video they watched.
-Online video is often watched at work or in school.

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