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7 examples of shopping experiences

Customers do not only want a good product at a good price, but also a memorable experience

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Die Spielzeugkiste is the oldest toy store in Nuremberg

Consumers increasingly value memorable experiences at the point of sale. It is not enough to sell good products at good prices, as clients want to be immersed in a universe that offers values and experiences. The aim is to reaffirm the brick-and-mortar store in areas where e-commerce can not yet compete.

There are many ways to accomplish this:

1. The Madrid library Tipos Infames allows to browse their books while we drink a glass of wine. And they organize both tastings and book presentations. They mix worlds that one could think have nothing to do, but that are related to a leisure and life style.

2. Baby Deli organizes workshops, lectures and performances in its retail outlets, with the goal of creating "a small universe that goes beyond the four walls of our stores," integrating "the activities we schedule, the items we offer, our magazine and our online store ", explains the company's Director, Tatiana Arelle, in the number 111 of the magazine Puericultura Market.

3. These events work. In the e-book Point of Sale Marketing , Josep Casanovas Sirvent, owner of the toy store Almacenes Faro, explains that when organizing magic shows, "sales of magic games multiply by ten".

4. The Hollister clothing stores mimic a nightclub: a dark entrance, loud music, attractive salespeople. They create the environment that their clients want and with which they feel (or want to feel) identified.

5. The largest toy fair in the world takes place every year in Nuremberg. Die Spielzeugkiste is the oldest toy store in the city and emphasizes its historical values, offering wooden and plush toys, besides other traditional products. There is no place for tablets and licenses because that is not its market.

6. Apple Stores place an Ipad next to each product, explaining the features of that item and also allowing customers the chance to try the tablet, providing sales feedback. The stores also have their Genius Bar, where an expert advises clients how to take advantage of purchased products (editing a video or preparing a photo album, for example). In addition, store openings and product launches become events, with people standing in line all night.

- Adrenalina is a surfing and skateboarding store. Its Miami outlet offers the chance of practising indoor surfing, with courses and monitors.

Retailers must keep in mind that shopping is also a leisure activity. This is where online stores hardly even try to compete. It's the perfect moment to take advantage of this situation, because virtual stores will increasingly leverage the playful aspects offered by their environment.

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