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Affluence to cinemas grows in Spain

Spectators increased 9% in 2015 and earnings rose 11%

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In 2015, the affluence to Spanish cinemas increased earnings with a 9% growth in terms of spectators’ number and an 11% increasing in terms of earnings. However, 112 cinema rooms closed last year, according to official data from ‘Anuario de Cine 2015 del Instituto de Cinematografía y Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). Actually, during the last decade, an amount of 813 cinema rooms have closed doors in Spain: 4.401 were open in 2005, meanwhile there are 3.588 currently.

Light recovering
Regarding to the global earnings, which reached more than 575 million euros in 2015, it is the second consecutive year that it is upwards, despite the figure is still far from the maximum figure of the last decade, 671,04 million in 2009. Related to the Spanish production, ICAA has counted a total of 255 titles (57 of them in coproduction), and 177 premieres in 2015.

The Spanish cinema market fee was 19,4% (111,73 million euros), a little lower than in 2014 (25,5%), despite the trend keeps itself in upwards and seems to be that this year will show increasing again. Even though, the North American power continues to be the global leader of cinema, with 61,5% of the market in 2015, meanwhile 35,4% belonged to the rest of the European Union.

Production in Spain
From ICAA, they highlight that the Spanish cinema production is broken and not much diversified, which makes difficult the realization of scale economies in order to optimize results and, at the same time, resources. In that sense, out of the 343 active companies, only five participated in five or more films, meanwhile 40 participated between two and four productions, and 289 only in one full-length film.

In terms of distribution, the report stands out the difficulties of the local companies to join a market which is headed by Hollywood’s majors, despite it highlights the consolidation of an increasing trend in terms of the number of copies in a lower exploitation time.

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