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American moms are increasingly present in social networks and blogs

Pinterest is growing fast while blogs are the most influential social media

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American mothers are more active in social networks and e-commerce, according to a Nielsen research. The consultancy firm explained that three out of four mothers visit Facebook and are 38% more likely to follow an online brand.

One of every two mothers connects to social networks via mobile devices, compared with 37% of internet users. 54% of American moms have a smartphone, a figure that is in line with the average population.

The Pinterest rise and the influence of blogs
One of the most successful networks is Pinterest. This new network has surpassed Disney Online in visits done by mothers. This segment of the population also visit Pinterest 61% more than the average internet user, with a total of 4.9 million unique visits by moms in March.

The most visited network is still Facebook with 27.9 million visitors. Blogs follow (9.3 million), with Twitter (5.4 million), Wordpress (4.1 million) and Tumblr (3.1 million) behing.

Mothers that also have their own blog follow brands twice as often. In fact, one in three American moms are also bloggers and 52% of bloggers are parents with children under 18.

Shopping online
Mothers buy toys online 50% more than the average consumer. They also are more likely to do so in the case of clothing (35%), music (29%) and e-books (23%).

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