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Artificial intelligence and data analysis, key factors for ecommerce in Spain

According to an eBay study, sustainable trade and on-demand products will also continue to boom

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The online sales platform, eBay, after analyzing trends in the e-commerce sector with more weight for 2017, has been able to highlight the relevance of artificial intelligence, as well as Big Data. However, the company has highlighted five new trends that will have to be taken into account regarding online commerce in Spain, now that a new year begins.

Artificial intelligence and data analysis
With a view to 2017, companies must be able to process and analyze in real time a large volume of information, in order to be able to adequately customize the purchasing experience and adapt it to the maximum needs of the users. Thus, to meet this goal, technologies such as artificial intelligence or Big Data will continue to evolve, to play a key role in how brands are going to cope with consumer buying behavior and the conversion of sales.

Products to the taste of the consumer
According to eBay, secondly, it will become increasingly important that companies offer products fully adapted to the needs and tastes of the consumer. The brands will have more information exchange, as well as a greater interconnection between the different parts of the logistics chain. Thus, logistical flows will be more closely linked, allowing the merchandise to be produced on demand and customized to the taste of the consumer.

This phenomenon shows that demand is placed first in the chain of trade and supply will fall into the background.

Logistic deliveries on the same day
Consumers now expect the purchased products to be sent home as soon as possible, regardless of where the purchase was made. It is for this reason that brands must offer deliveries on the same day or even within the hours following the purchase of the product. In addition, shipping costs will tend to be reduced because consumers value delivery formulas at reduced or free cost.

Advertising and social media
The use of social networks will continue to be the key in the purchasing processes in Spain. Consumers will continue to socialize their purchases and make them more interactive or receiving feedback from other buyers. As has being reported by PuroMarketing, 81% of Internet users aged 16 to 55 use social networks; a figure that represents more than 15 million users. On the other hand, 51% of users agree that brands use social networks to advertise in front of 9% of them that they do not like. It follows in this sense that the level of acceptance of advertising in social networks is high and companies will continue to use social networks to promote their offers.

Sustainable trade and collaborative economy, booming
53% of Spaniards would be willing to share or rent goods in a context of collaborative consumption, nine percentage points higher than the European average (44%). In this sense, the Spanish market is placed in third place at European level in the sector of the collaborative economy. Thus, in 2017 will be more frequent to use sustainable or collaborative trade to acquire a product. The importance of collaborating with the environment and being more sustainable, as well as lengthen the life of the articles.

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