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Brands Are Not a Priority in Social Networks

Consumers claim not to be influenced by networks when buying

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62% of consumers says not be influenced by social networks at the time of purchase, according to a Gallup poll conducted among 20,000 people.

Obviously and as some analysts point out, it is always difficult to answer the question “why have you purchased this product?" since we all tend to underestimate things like branding and advertising, and we believe we have done the purchase following more objective criteria.

In any case, this study does highlight a fact that is very important for companies that want to be present in networks - the priority of users is to connect with family and friends (94%, according to the study). Only 29% say they want to be informed about trends and products through networks, and just 20% use social media to comment and review the items or services they have purchased.

We've said so on occasion: social networks are an increasingly important tool, but they are not enough to build a consistent communication strategy. Especially when you consider that consumers who follow brands do so because they expect discounts and promotions.


In this sense, it may be useful to recall what Gallup explains - social networks represent a fraction of the consumer experience and brands should align all their communication channels to engage consumers both online and offline. In fact, the company says that “consumers are still most affected by their offline experiences.”

To improve the experience in social networks, brands must have these three working lines present:

- Authenticity. They should keep in mind that social networks are personal and conversational. Users do not want to hear sales pitches, but expect a personal interaction and an open dialogue.

- Responsiveness. Users also expect quick answers to their questions, even at night and on weekends. Firms need to actively listen and respond appropriately, also admitting possible errors.

- A compelling communication. Companies must offer interesting content so that people follow the brand and at least maintain a certain loyalty. This is especially important in Facebook – its new algorithm harms brands and businesses updates, so it is fundamental to provide updates that followers like, comment and share.

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