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Buying through mobile is already a new habit of consumption

Users read, compare and buy from everywhere

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We are hooked on mobile. It is our clock, calendar, video, camera ... and yes, it’s also our phone. But for many users smartphones or, alternatively, tablets have already become their wallet, because they do the majority of their purchases through them.

Inevitably, this intense and increasing relationship with mobile phone has changed the way how we buy. Facebook has not overlooked this detail and has analyzed it. Here the results:

1. 45% of purchases are made through the smartphone
The figures are much more scandalous if we analyzed what are doing millennials. In 57% of cases, young people between 18 and 34 go shopping with mobile.

2. Mobile used to compare prices
Mobile users use it as a price comparison or to thoroughly investigate the products they want to buy whether buying or not. Travel to the store to ask information or sit on the chair in front of the screen computer. Why if we can investigate while we are going to the work, on the subway, lying on the couch or even from the bathroom? These type of buyers are called Omni-Channel Shoppers.

3. Omni-Channel Shoppers
Sometimes it is not for laziness, it’s simply because consumers were using their mobile before they start shopping, says 56% of respondents. On other occasions, what they do is to combine store and mobile. 61% of users go shopping "physically", but once there they used to get more information and compare the product to be finally bought in situ.

4. Critical Shoppers

But this growing interest of users for purchasing through their mobile devices do not imply that trademarks can relax. Users are critical and they know that there are many things to improve. They will leave behind all those brands that do not fit your new system purchase. In fact, 70% of mobile shoppers are convinced that mobile brand presence (apps and webs) can be improved; while 71% believe that in general the whole buying process can be improved. Something to keep in mind, especially if at the end 54% of Omni-Channel shoppers are more inclined to buy brands that offer better online shopping experience.

5. Physical Shoppers

Although the figures confirm the growing consumer interest in buying the mobile, sometimes they still prefer to view it from their computer desktop, because it looks better (thinks so 56%) or because it is easier (55%). Many still prefer to go physically to the store: 47% in order to see and touch the product, 46% because they do not want to wait and 41% because they believe that shipping costs are very high. And we don’t also forget the social factor. Buying is like a ritual and 25% of those surveyed said they go to the store because they enjoy the experience.

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