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Consumers still prefer traditional retailers

Webrooming is more widespread than showrooming

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Retailers are very concerned about showromming - how consumers go to stores to inquire about the product and then buy it online. However, a study by Merchant Warehouse suggests that the opposite trend, webrooming, is actually more widespread.

69% of consumers aged between 18 and 36 has sought information online and have later bought the product in a brick-and-mortar store, while 50% did it the other way around. Among consumers aged between 37 and 48, 71% has webroomed and 53% has showroomed.

These consumers seek information on best price (36%) and usually opt for a traditional retailer to save on shipping costs (47%). They also value knowing in advance whether the product is available in the store (42%) and 85% of the younger group also seeks reviews and opinions about the product before purchasing.

In addition, consumers still prefer to buy in a physical store - 58% would go to a local store even if an online shop matches the price.

In any case, as we have noted on occasion, the main trend is not showrooming nor webrooming, but multichannel purchasing - consumers buy online or offline depending on each purchase. Sometimes they will prefer the cheapest price they can find online or that they send them the product home; in other cases, consumers will go to stores for the customer service, because it is part of their leisure, or to touch and feel the product.

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