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E-commerce 2016 trends

What brands should know regarding to next year

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It is important to know which are going to be the main trends concerning to electronic commerce next year. Online sales results that have been observed during 2015 have shown that Internet purchasing will keep on increasing in the future, but the brands and companies should be prepared for more.

As it is been confirmed, online sales will continue growing within the framework of a more connected society. If the predictions in 2011 were that electronic commerce would suppose 7% of the total sales, on 2016 it is going to be 9%, according to the results of the retail research company Forrester.

As an example, this increasing is also reflected in north American consumers total spend, who will spent 327 billion dollar in 2016, 45% more than this year. According to Forrester, this growth is because of the improvements that retailers applied on their online sales services during 2015.

E-commerce keeps on thriving

Mobile sales are, in 2015, on of the most significant operations within the e-commerce. In 2016, the m-commerce numbers won’t stop growing and consumers will get used to that kind of actions, avoiding, more and more the traditional purchase process.

Moreover, retailers should be prepared for purchases of products which will be later picked up on stores. One of the best ways to adapt to this changes is being sure that brands website is accessible from different resolutions and platforms.

The customized manner

Even though electronic commerce and customized manner seem to be opposites, one of the elements which Forrester report stands out is that consumers prefer those brands which offer them a customized service with quality services and recommendations, something that retailers should have in mind as well.   

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