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El Corte Inglés leads e-commerce in Spain

Amazon reaches the second position in just eight months in the country

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El Corte Inglés leads e-commerce in Spain, according to Nielsen. The retailer counts with 3.7 million unique users and has become the first online retailer, when a year ago the company was in fourth place. Durint this year, the retailer has gained 600,000 users, the same figure lost by Ebay, former leader of the online channel in Spain, with now 3.3 million visitors.

In third place is Amazon, with 2.7 million visitors just eight months after opening its portal in our country, largely thanks to Kindle sales.

In the top 10 are also three online stores specializing in coupons, offers and discounts: Lets Bonus (sixth, 2.4 million), Groupon (seventh, 2.3 million) and Groupalia (tenth, 1.8 million). According to the consultancy firm, consumers are looking for deals on the internet in order to maintain their lifestyle despite the difficult economic context.

1. El Corte Inglés - 3.7 million unique users
2. Ebay - 3.3 million
3. Amazon - 2.7 million
4. Mil Anuncios - 2.6 million
5. Segunda Mano - 2.5 million
6. Lets Bonus - 2.4 million
7. Groupon - 2.3 million
8. Bing Ciao - 2.2 million
9. Ebay Classifieds - 1.9 million
10. Groupalia - 1.8 million

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