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Electronic commerce in Spain

71,2% of Spanish consumers shop online

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Electronic commerce is gaining ground in Spain, actually, 71,2% of consumers shop online among one or two times per month (36,3%), or every two or three times per month (34,9%). Those data are showed in the first ‘Observatorio sobre hábitos en e-Commerce’, made by the quality stamp for online shops Trusted Shops, in collaboration with Alpha Research.

Decisive reasons
The report also shows that among the most decisive aspects when choosing a concrete online shop, we can find products’ price (93,2%), the security offered by the store (92,8%), the reliability of the offer (90,2%) and the buyer protection (89,7%).

Most demanded categories
According to most demanded product segments within electronic commerce, travel related services (purchase of passes or hotels booking) occupy the first position (61,5%), followed by technological products (51,5%), and fashion and accessories (50%). Moreover, man are those who prefer technological articles, meanwhile woman prefer to buy fashion products and accessories (62,5%).

In that sense, tickets for shows and free time categories have got an important paper too (49,3%), as well as books, music and films (38,9%), home related products (29,5%) and articles related with sports (17,3%). Meanwhile at the bottom of the ranking we find categories such as health and care or food and beverage (with 14,6%).

The online confidence
According to the study of Trusted Shops, quality stamps are another one among the most decisive aspects for consumers when shopping online. 80,3% of Spanish prefer to buy in a certificated store with a trust stamp before than shop in a store that has not. On its behalf, 74,3% of users assure the certification of an accredited store is so important when choosing a store.

At last, there are quite the Spanish who prefer to look up, before paying for nothing, different comments by other consumers. In that sense, 45,1% of users do it always, meanwhile 51,9% do it only in some occasions. Those who never guide their selves by opinions from other consumers are 3,5% of online users.

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