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Four toy trends for 2014

Spielwarenmesse unveils four new trends for toys

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Spielwarenmesse has published the four most important toy trends for 2014, ahead of the new TrendGallery to debut at the next Nuremberg toy fair, to be held between January 29 and February 3, 2014.

1.Retromania. The toys and heroes from our own childhood are often associated with positive feelings. We'd like to pass these pleasant experiences on to our children by just buying the same or similar toys. In 2014, the products of the past are undergoing a revival, sometimes also in the form of new products with a retro design.

2. TechToys. The boundary between real and virtual worlds is becoming increasingly blurred, thus offering completely new possibilities to the toy industry. Traditional games and digital worlds create exciting play combinations that captivate not only children.

3. Fit4Life.
Nowadays, parents are increasingly paying attention to factors such as materials, safety and learning through play. The focus here is also on the formation and the encouragement of so-called life skills, i.e. children learn for later life. These toys teach children important values and prepare them for life, primarily in a practical way such as through gardening, sewing, crafts, cooking or playing doctors and nurses.

4. Mini is King. Thanks to increasing urbanization, our living space is shrinking. This poses particular challenges to products, especially to toys. Whatever you wouldn't like to miss out on has to, therefore, be miniaturised. Increasing mobility also plays a role in this. Products must be mobile and portable to keep pace. Experience how the little ones become stars.

These trends and some more were also spotted by the Spanish technological institute AIJU in its Toy Guide 3.0 .

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