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Impulse shopping in Spain

Seven out of ten consumptions includes some product for impulse

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The impulse shopping continues to increase in Spain according to a recent study made by The NPD Group. Of the report, we can also deduce that seven out of then consumptions that Spanish realize out of their home includes some product of impulse consuming, such as soft-drinks, water, beer, bakery, salty snacks or ice-creams.

Kids and young people, the main consumers

As the main followers of this category, NPD highlights kids and young people till the age of 24 and soft drinks and bakery as star products. Concretely, cold drinks are present in the 85% of occasions in channels such as retail, commercial restoration and other channels such as vending, transport, hotels and night free time. Whereas, 29% of consumption include some appetizer or salty snack, ice-cream or bakery.

In the last year, the category has increased 2,5% (between July 2015 and July 2016), more than a point over the increasing which was registered in all the restoration sector during the same period (1,4%).

The impulse consume keeps increasing
Spanish prefer drinks with gas, beer and water, meanwhile the most demanded food are bakery products, ice-creams, olives and dried fruit and nuts.

Averagely, some of these products is present in at least 130 consumptions per year, but this figure is strongly surpassed by kids and young people till 24 years old, with 236 annually consumptions. In that sense, these age segments generate 30% of the market, despite the group which has contributed the most to its increasing in the last year has been adults from 35 to 49 years, with an increasing of occasions of 4%.

By channels, more than two thirds of the impulse purchase is realized in commercial restoration, sector which is followed in terms of importance by vending and retail establishments (kiosks, petrol stations or convenience stores).

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