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M-commerce to reach half of online sales in 2018

75% of revenues will come from tablets

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Sales made through mobile phones and tablets in 2018 could reach $293 billion in the U.S. dollars, 54% of total projected online sales, according to Forrester Research. Nearly 75% of mobile commerce, $219 billion, will be done through tablets, although at present the number of mobile users doubles tablet users.

Growth will be especially fast if we consider 2014 is expected to close with $114 billion in revenue through these operations, mainly through sales of media products, fashion and consumer electronics.

Currently, 38% of smartphone users and 31% of tablet owners use these devices to buy online. The figure could reach 55% and 61% respectively in 2018.

In addition, total online sales in the country are expected to grow at a rate of 9.5% in the coming years, reaching $414 billion in 2018, 11% of total retail sales (the current percentage is 9%.) Fashion and electronics are the main sold product categories, generation over 25% of annual revenue.

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