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Mobile commerce will grow by 19% in Spain in 2016

Online retailers will collect about 11.45 million sales, according RetailMeNot

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Online sales could reach next year's 11.45 million euros in Spain year, according to the International Study of eCommerce 2016 commissioned by RetailMeNot. E-commerce achieved thus grows 19% compared to 2015 in our country. The same study indicates that most of the increase in online sales will be through mobile devices, since 20% of these sales will be made via smartphones and tablets.

Kings of online shopping
In addition to the above, the eCommerce is destined to become a hub of growth for retail in Spain in this 2016 according to the study; this growth rate is set to be 0.4% in physical stores and 2.2% in total.
Without traffic no purchases, but to the surprise of many (or perhaps not), Spain today stands as the country with the most mobile traffic to mobile commerce from smartphones. In other words, Spain is home to the highest percentage of visitors who come to websites from a mobile device and generate a transaction, all this according to a report by Twenga and published by eMarketer.

Phones versus tablets
The same study states that 75% of mobile traffic terminating in mCommerce in Spain comes from a smartphone, and the remaining quarter is generated from a tablet.
We must take into account also that the Central European countries have the highest mobile penetration levels in the world. In itself, 25% of web traffic to eCommerce in Europe comes from mobile devices.

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