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Mobile phones and new shopping habits

60% of the omnichannel customers will make mobile purchases this year

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Mobile phones have an important role over the society and have become an essential tool in different moments of the daily life. During 2015, consumers started to get used to buy stuff with their smartphone and the paying systems through these devices have been improving till now.

Behind the settlement of the mobile phone between the brands and the consumers, the shopping habits have been influenced and have forced brands to be attentive to the emergent needs of the users. The Facebook company reported an analysis in which is indicated how mobile phones are changing the way in which we shop.

According to dates of the study, 45% of the purchases which take place currently the mobile phone is implicated. In the case of millennials, the most electronic generation, 57% of them use the mobile phone when go out shopping.  

Multichannel shoppers

As the company concludes, smartphones have presence not only in the purchase process, but also in other previous moments. The mobile phone is now a tool which helo us investigate about prices and know everything about a products before buying it. This trend makes that there exist the multichannel shoppers: the users who are able to buy and being informed from different devices.

The multichannel shopper has a stretch relationship with the network and uses it for everything. According to the Facebook study, this type of users shop from the mobile phone for different reasons: 56% of them assure that have bought with the smartphone because they were already using the device; and 55% of them believe that is a good option because it allows you to buy from wherever.

Looking at the future, the study concludes that 60% of the multichannel shoppers will make mobile shopping this year, and 64% of them will make a deep investigation from their mobile phone before shopping.

¿What should brands do?

In front of a situation of changes like that, companies cannot stay with their arms crossed. At the same time in which the use of the mobile phone grows in terms of users, their demand grows too. They are more demanding in terms of what a brand can offer them. In that sense, 70% of the mobile shoppers believe that the brand presence in applications or websites can be improved, meanwhile 71% of them consider that all the shopping process, in general, is improvable.

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