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More than half of Spaniards prefer to go to the physical store as customer service

They prefer rather than be served through phone, mail and social networks

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Customer support is one of the most crucial services for consumers and, therefore, more than half of them (54%) preferred that the process takes place in the physical store. So details a study by Ofertia, according to which the telephone (31.3%) and mail (6.3%) are the second and third option chosen by users for information or put a complaint to a company, ahead of social networks (with 4.6%). Thus, the traditional channel continues to weigh heavily on the minds of consumers, despite Omnichannel strategies offered by companies to facilitate this process.

To prepare the study, Ofertia has had the 1,381 consumers surveyed responses, of which 44.8% say they have at least once resorted to customer services of a company in the last year into account. Analyzing the reason for the consultation, the first place is occupied request information about a product (30.4%), followed by putting any complaints about any of the services offered (27.3%), inquire about special promotions (19, 6%) or complain about the care (6.6%).

Supermarkets, the sector with more consultations

The study also notes that, by sector, supermarkets are most queries received (37.3%), followed by telecommunications (28%), electronics (15.3%), household / DIY (12.3%) and travel (2.1%). Most consumers (72.6%) claims to have resolved the problem, but not everyone is satisfied. Less than half of respondents (almost 50%) recognizes be satisfied with the work done by the customer service.

Good Customer Support, the key to success

Customer support is one of the most crucial processes for the consumer and is a differentiating factor for a business to get good results. The response time to the user concerned when it tries to resolve a query about a product or service. Of those who chose non-contact forms of contact, they are 46.41% of respondents indicated that were answered in less than 24 hours and 25.38% between 24 and 48 following. Only 7.1% said they received no reply from the company.

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