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Online and traditional commerce: two channels and one client

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional commerce and online sells

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The multichannel customers are becoming a reality: not only they buy in online and physical stores, but they also use both channels to inform and compare products, services and prices. Yes, each channel has its strengths and weaknesses, and you need to know how to adapt every supply and service to the preferences and needs of the consumers.

The traditional commerce still accounts for more than 90% of total retail sales, despite the continued growth of the online channel. Internet is a new medium that brings business opportunities, but we don’t have to forget that physical stores remain the main channel of purchase for most products and services.


Electronic commerce is an opportunity. It is a habit that is growing at double digits every year (+ 21.7% in the third quarter of 2013) and therefore has potential to increase its market share, which is around 3% in Spain retail trade (in line with the toy market). But to take advantage of this growing market it is not enough to open an online store and wait.

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