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Online Holiday sales to hit record

This Holiday season will see an 11 percent increase in e-commerce spending

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According to the ‘Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions’, 2015 sales will grow even more than the last year, when we saw a record-breaking holiday season. For this year, Adobe predicts a total online spending during the holiday season to reach an all-time high of 83 billion dollar, an 11 percent year-over-year increase.

There are three important peaks in the next two months: the Thanksgiving day, The Black Friday and The Cyber Monday. These are three American initiatives which have grown unstoppably since 2012 and have propelled increasing sales. This year the biggest jump will happen on Thanksgiving Day, forecasting online sales to be up 18 percent year over year at 1,6 million dollar on the holiday. The following day, Black Friday, is expected to generate 2,7 billion in sales.

Mobile activity predictions

One of the important facts in terms of e-commerce is that, for the first time, 51 percent of online shopping visits on Thanksgiving day will happen on mobile phones and 29 percent of online sales that day will happen on mobile devices, up 12 percent over last year, according to Adobe.

In relation to the full holiday season, the report says 11 percent of e-commerce will happen on a phone, and 9 percent on tablets. The report also brings forecasting on type of devices, saying iOS to drive 22 percent of online holiday sales, while Android will represent 7 percent.

Social media activity

The Adobe’s report also predicts which role social networks will play on this holidays season’s e-commerce activity. According to adobe, social media will only drive two percent of visits to retail websites during the holidays, with revenue per Facebook visit averaging 1,24 dollar, Pinterest 0,74 and Twitter 0,60.

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