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Pay online, on suspicion

61% of Spaniards doubt about security in online shopping

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Although users increasingly make purchases online, six out of ten consumers online pre-security check web before making payment, concludes the 'Trade Online' report, prepared by the consulting firm Nielsen. Thus, according to the study, "many Spaniards have strong doubts about the security and confidentiality of their data when they buy online", with 61% of positive answers. In turn, 51% distrusts when data have to give your credit card to purchase that product or service.

The report also notes that the Spanish when online buy virtually reduced two payment methods to close shop, the most common payment platform, used by 56% of respondents. Among the five major European economies, Spain is the country that uses this form of payment, surpassed only by Germany (68%). Western Europe is one of the regions where this form of payment is more settled, only surpassed by China, where eight out of ten consumers shopping done through this way.

It is also common in Spain pay for purchases online card either credit (52%) or debit cards (48%). In fact, in our country it is more balanced where is the use of credit cards and debit compared to other major European economies. Regarding other forms of payment, 20% of online buyers in Spain have opted at some point make a bank transfer, while another preferred to incorporate both an analog shift to a digital purchase and pay cash on delivery.

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