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Price will be a decisive factor this Christmas

Offers and online shopping will have a significant role in the Christmas consume

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During this Christmas, the number of people who compares prices before making a purchase will grow 22% according to the last study of Shopper View by Aecoc, which details that the price will be again a decisive factor during this year’s period. Moreover, the study stands out that the number of buyers of products with discount will increase 29%, and they will take profit of sales and promotions –such as happened during Black Friday-.

Regarding the purchase planning, 90% of surveyed assure planning the content of its Christmas shopping basket, with special role of the older than 65 population group. On its behalf, usual shoppers of specialised retail stores are those who less plan their purchases. Regarding the general budget, according the global study ‘Tendencias de Consumo en Navidad’ (Consumer trends during Christmas), made by the consultant group TNS for eBay, Spaniards forecast to spend an average of 248€ in presents during this Christmas.

This holiday, e-commerce
According to TNS, 67% of Internet users will shop online its Christmas presents, and 38% of them will do it through a mobile device. Moreover and as a curiosity, the favourite place for Spaniards from where to make online shopping during Christmas, -via tablet, laptop or mobile phone-, is the sofa (79%), followed by the bed (37%).

Never putting smartphones down
The mobile commerce or m-commerce will be unavoidable during this Christmas, so a recent investment made by Google stands out that the route that Spanish users follow in order to make purchases with their mobile phones tends to be broader than the equivalent way they could follow when they use their computers, because smartphone provides them with the double of contact points between a brand and a consumer.

Mobile devices use to have more presence in the initial part of the purchase process, meaning this phase in which users start to look up for brands and products. That’s why there is a huge opportunity for establishments to use the searches made by users with the aim of influence the opinion of consumers when the decision making process.

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